"Love? said the Commander is a duo from the Philadelphia area made up of Kate Hall, a sad gal who sings and plays guitar, violin, and percussion, and Chris Bishop, a less sad guy who plays guitar. Both have been playing music in different projects for many years, but the pair met in the winter of 2018 via a Craigslist ad. It was Kate's desperate, last ditch effort at finding a musical partner and Chris's first all too easy attempt at meeting that perfect singer - a fact that has created a grudge Kate will hold on to for many years to come. Combining powerful lyrics and vocals with dynamic guitar work, the two hope to deliver a sound unlike anything listeners have heard before." - WHYY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uttnk-I5P8o

Love? Said the Commander

I will never forget the first show I saw of Love? Said the Commander back in September 2023. They were playing the stage at the American Legion during a 516 Productions concert, and I fell in love with their song writing and melodies. I can't believe I was so lucky to get to shoot them only just a few weeks after.

Kate and Chris are beautiful people full of inspired poetic rhythms. Both are vastly talented in multiple instruments and they overlay melodies that pulse through my mind and quicken my heartbeat. I could listen to their songs all day long. In fact, I have.

Buy their music on Bandcamp - Love? Said the Commander

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