The Koosmans

Who are The Koosmans

"The acoustic garage punk inspired duo, The Koosmans, was spawned after Franny Koosman's return from an 18 month exile to Scotland in late 2016. The band consists of Rudy Koosman, Guitar/Vocals and Franny Koosman, Snare Drum/Percussion/Vocals."

But really

But really, who are The Koosmans. The Koosmans are Bill Rudolph and Chip Haines from Philadelphia, Pa. Their a duo band where Bill plays acoustic guitar while Chip plays the snare drum. Reminiscent of the days absurdist punk and The Violent Femmes their songs are quick (and I mean quick) and witty, and well, just straight punk. They're contrarian; to the point; usually self referential; and generally pretty hilarious. I love seeing them live. And I love their sound. A mirror of themselves their songs and shows are over before you know it, but The Koosmans are endlessly entertaining. 

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